Restless restaurant chef and visual artist starts design business.

The Love Shine line was founded in 1993 in the basement of an East Harlem apartment in NYC by Mark Seamon (visual artist and former chef) and Mike Gonzales (dancer and costume designer). 
We began by creating one-of-a-kind messenger bags and backpacks - with iconic imagery - from hand dyed canvas for friends and family as a way to express our creativity in a different medium. The response was enthusiastic... and soon we started getting more requests from friends of friends and a few boutiques. 

This inspiration eventually led to the birth of a small design business. In 1997, Mark found an adorable studio, shop, showroom in the East Village to work and feature designs by Love Shine.

In the Spring of 2017, we closed our physical location and moved into cyberspace.

Love Shine - not a location - but a state of mind!

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